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Backflow Services

Backflow prevention devices ensure that contaminated water does not enter potable water systems. This can be an issue with older residential boilers and other heating/cooling systems, pumps controlling water drainage or distribution, lawn or garden irrigation, laundry sinks and pressurized washers.

My Favorite Plumber offers the following services to prevent backflow:

Install commercial/residential backflow device

Backflow prevention options include an atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB), double check valve and reduced pressure zone device (or RPZ valve).

Yearly certification

Many local ordinances require the use of backflow preventers. My Favorite Plumber can take care of any testing and certification requirements, performing yearly certification inspections and submitting paperwork to the water company for your backflow device.

Repair commercial/residential backflow devices

Keeping a backflow device in good working order is essential to avoid contamination of drinking water.   

Of you will be away from your home for an extended length of time during the cold months, winterizing is essential to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. 

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